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位於小琉球上,一棟以白色為主的建築物,全棟面海房型,為2020小琉球最新民宿。白色外觀如湛藍海洋上的一朵白雲, 踏入建築物後優雅舒適的環境輕鬆自在,讓你拋下忙碌的生活,進入小琉球的愜意。


Located in Xiaoliuqiu, a white building with sea-facing rooms is the newest guest house in Xiaoliuqiu in 2020. The white appearance is like a white cloud on the ocean. After stepping into the building, the elegant and comfortable environment is relaxed and comfortable, allowing you to abandon your busy life and enter the comfort of Xiaoliuqiu. The wharf can be reached within 1 to 2 minutes on foot, allowing you to find a place to rest in the shortest time.

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